Pictures from Trip to Japan 2003

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Part I: Kobe (October 21 to 24)

The Chapel in Hotel Okura, Kobe Inside the Chapel
Kobe Bay Area at Night Kobe Bay Area at Night
Kwansei-Gakuin University Organ at Kwansei-Gakuin University

Part II: Tokyo & Kawaguchi (October 25 to 28)

Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge Lilia Hall, Kawaguchi
Organ at Lilia Hall Organ Console
Kiyo & Chiemi Kiyo & Chiemi

Part III: Nagano in Autumn (October 29 to 30)

Maple Trees Maple Leaves
Mountain and Oshidori Falls Oshidori Falls
Pine Trees Zelkova Leaves
White Birch Trees Mount Fuji

Extra: Nagano in Summer

Matsumoto Castle Forrest in the Morning
White Birch Trees and Mountain Flowers Nikko-Kisuge Flower

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